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A Pleasant New Home

For several years, my family and I have missed being on staff at a local church. I have been dreaming of something part-time so I could continue leading Jon Burdette Ministries and form a partnership between the two. This summer we sensed that God was speaking to us and we began to seek Him for wisdom and direction. In September, God led us to move to Northern Kentucky. In addition to leading JBM, I now serve part-time as a youth leader and staff evangelist for Pleasant Home Baptist Church. We absolutely LOVE working with students, and had forgotten how much fun they can be. I definitely still have youth ministry in my blood, even if my body is a little more fragile these days.

A few months I ago I had a bicep tenodesis on my left shoulder, which was my second operation on that shoulder within an eighteen month period (following a three level spinal fusion surgery in 2021). And if that wasn't enough, I will soon be scheduled for another surgery, this time on my right shoulder. So, when it comes to working with teenagers, I may not be able to pass football with them right now, but I can sure help them eat pizza, ha-ha!

(PHBC students during door to door outreach)

Our students are so eager to learn the truth of God's Word and share the Good News of Jesus, and we are grateful that we get to lead them. We are also thrilled to serve with Pastor Ben Wilson and his family. We met them when we lived in NKY years ago, and have been good friends ever since. It is so cool how God reconnected us to work together in the same church once again.

In the days ahead, I ask that you pray for my wife, Amy, as she prepares for her upcoming back surgery on December 5th. She has been struggling with back pain for several years, and she is looking forward to getting relief. It is a "minimally invasive" surgery, but it will still be a difficult recovery. Also, please pray for our 17-year-old daughter, Shailynn, as she adjusts to this new area. She loves it here and has made several new friends, but she also loves and misses home. Please pray for our son, Evan, as well. He is a freshman in college and doing great, but still adjusting. We miss him so much! When he moved south for college, we moved north, so we don't get to see him as much as we'd like. And finally, please pray for our family as we mobilize believers at our church, and churches across the globe. We are thankful for your partnership with us in this passionate pursuit of everyone everywhere hearing the clear Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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