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Changes, Challenges, and Victories

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

These last few months have been amazing, challenging, and life changing. After serving on a church staff in some capacity for 17 years, we are now missionaries right here in America. I am on the road constantly as an evangelist: preaching, speaking, training, and equipping. It has been a major adjustment, and such a shift from our ministry “normal”. This change is taking time to adapt to, and spiritual warfare is more intense than we’ve ever experienced. The enemy is NOT happy about what we’re doing and his attempts to discourage and distract us have been nonstop. But…GOD!!! God is blessing in ways that we’ve never experienced before in our lives, and there’s a deep joy that we simply cannot explain. Even though change is difficult, there is so much affirmation that this is what we’ve been called to do…and being in the middle of HIS work is always exhilarating!! In four short months, there have been countless professions of faith, numerous believers mobilized with the Gospel message, and many lives miraculously transformed by the power of God!! Lately, the Lord has answered prayers that my wife and I have been praying for several years. We’ve experienced breakthroughs in our family recently that can only be explained by the presence of an omnipotent God…and can only be answered with our praise and adoration. ALL praise and glory to God!!! He has affirmed His call on us for this new adventure with divine revelation, and we are humbled and overjoyed. God is so much bigger than what we could ever imagine. He is always working around us, and working things out in ways we may never expect.

There are so many of who you are partnering with us through prayer, encouragement, and financial support. I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you. You are making a difference in so many lives and in so many ministries by supporting us and our ministry. We are so thankful for you! We are also asking for more supporters. Sure, if God leads you to support us financially we would be grateful and God will surely honor your giving (more info on that here). However, my main focus here is prayer. As we continue to see the gospel advanced in so many ways (even some new ways on the horizon), we ask that you would join our prayer team. Please contact me personally at if you sense a calling to be a part of our team of “inner circle intercessors”. This is a group of people who commit to praying for us daily and for specific requests. If you choose not to commit to that level of involvement, would you please consider praying for us regularly? You don’t have to contact me for that, just add an alarm/reminder on your phone/calendar to pray for us weekly, monthly…however God leads you. We know and value the power of intercessory prayer, and we appreciate your commitment! Your partnership means more than we could ever fully express, and be assured that your support is making major Kingdom impact! Once again, thank you for your love and support. Keep shining and sharing!

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